Regular customers will have noticed our very own Fence Gate coat of arms, which includes visual references to our impressive history. Fence Gate was built in 1782, but it is believed there has been some sort of building on the site since the late 1400s. The Fence part of the name relates to the fact that the whole valley was once fenced off, providing Cromwell with his favoured deer-hunting park. Originally, the building was known as Fence Yate, but that has changed over the years to become Fence Gate.

The building later became the Dower House for cotton being brought up the Leeds-Liverpool canal. Cotton bales were broken down at Fence Gate and delivered to crofters’ cottages for spinning.

In our coat of arms, you will see stags, the gate, a butcher’s apron and cleavers, the red rose of Lancashire, a boar’s head, a beer or sherry barrel, juniper (to recognise the fact that we are home to the world’s biggest collection of gin) and, if you look hard enough, our award-winning sausages.

The inscription reads – Qualitas Modum Vitae Est – quality is a way of life – our ethos at Fence Gate and our sister venues.